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Unlocking Insights, Empowering Growth.

Your Small Business Strategy Partner.

Thoughtfully tailored solutions crafted to make your business thrive. 


Welcome to Aurora Small Business Consulting. I'm Becca, and I'm thrilled to have you here. At Aurora, my mission is to empower your business by utilizing the information you already have to simplify and strengthen your decision-making processes. With a blend of analytical expertise and a passion for creative problem-solving, I work closely with you to uncover valuable insights hidden within your data and operations. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of the business landscape, making strategy-driven choices that pave the way for growth and success. 

Background and Mission​

Aurora Small Business Consulting is currently a team of one. I am the founder and lead consultant, bringing nearly a decade of experience in corporate retail analytics and strategy. Throughout my journey, I gained expertise in how some of the world's largest retailers operate and discovered the secrets to their success. Now, my mission is to apply that business savvy to help small, local businesses build brand equity and establish strong foundations that allow them to compete effectively against corporate behemoths. 

Core Services

Strategy Spark

A quick tune-up targeting new idea generation.

Business Analytics

Data-backed insights for business managers. The perfect starting point for growth-oriented strategies. 

Target Objective

Strategy built to achieve your specific business goals. 

Data Support

Data concierge service for business managers looking to get more out of their data.

Root-Cause Analysis

Problem-oriented solutions for sticky business questions. 

Looking for something else?

Let's talk. We can discuss a custom plan to suit your business needs. 

  • Strategy
    We will discuss your business objectives and craft creative, effective strategies that align with your business objectives.
  • Excel and Powerpoint
    Unlock the power of data and compelling presentations with expert Excel and PowerPoint services. I can help you polish up your skills, or build you content to take your business storytelling to the next level.
  • Revenue and Profit
    Revenue and profit are key indicators for your business’ long term viability. This is often the best place to start assessing business needs, and identifying places to focus our efforts. We will review current trends, and build forecasts to provide visibility as we plan for the future.
  • Root Cause Analysis
    A root cause analysis will get to the bottom of your most challenging business questions. By determining the root cause of your business challenges (or even strengths!) we will unlock the ability to take actions that will build a stronger future.
  • Data Analytics
    Data is a powerful tool to get objective insights to your business. We will use the data you have to establish a baseline understanding of current operations, and set calculated targets to foster stable, reliable evolution.
  • Data Management
    Data integrity is essential to reaching useful business insights. This process will include data cleansing and organization, allowing us to make the most out of the data you already have. We can also discuss future data points that would enrich the insights we can reach.
  • Report Design
    Clean data opens the door for a myriad of insights. I will build reporting that you can reference at regular intervals that will work as a health check on your business, and which will help you determine the right steps to maintain a thriving business.
  • Resource Management
    Spending money is easy. Saving is harder. We will discuss ways you can get more efficient with the costs you incur as a business owner, as well as the time you spend managing the business.
  • Pricing
    Pricing is crucial to driving healthy revenue for you, as well as building customer satisfaction. We will talk about how to structure your pricing to create sustainable revenue for you and great value for your consumer.
  • Assortment Architecture
    We will take a deep dive into your current offerings to build an assortment that delights your customer, and supports your business objectives.
  • Branding
    Branding is more than picking out a logo. We will develop a clear vision of your target audience. Holding that audience at the center of everything we do will open a direct line of communication with your customer and create comfort in their user experience.
  • Process Creation & Training
    One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is creating streamlined process. This makes it challenging to cover shifts or onboard new employees. We will put the right process and documentation into place to make new hire onboarding seamless, and which will help keep operations moving when team members are out sick or take a vacation.
  • Progress Tracking
    Progress tracking is essential to driving long term growth. We will work together to set up the right check-ins to stay on track.


These are some common questions that come up. If you aren't finding the information you need, please reach out via email. I aim to respond to all emails within one business day.  

Meet Becca


Hi, I'm Becca, owner and lead consultant at Aurora Small Business. Over nearly a decade in retail analytics and business strategy, I cultivated my passion for solution-oriented problem solving. Having worked with giants like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Gap Inc., I gained invaluable insights into building and implementing effective business strategies. Throughout my journey, data has been a cornerstone of my career, propelling me from data analysis and reporting to leadership roles in process and strategy development. Crafting innovative, out-of-the-box strategies to tackle both familiar and unique challenges is the essence of what I do. This approach has proven to be perfectly suited for the nimble landscape of small business, delivering tailored solutions for your specific business needs.

Light and Shadow

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