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Business Analytics

This service is for business owners ready to take their business to the next level. Regular health checks are the perfect starting point for building effective growth strategies. We will use the data you already have around your business—things like POS, cost and inventory data—to build an objective point of view on your performance, and identify opportunities for growth. Areas of exploration may include:

  • Merchandising Strategy

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Inventory Management Optimization

  • Light Forecasting and Scenario Planning

This service typically includes:

  • 60 minute discovery call

  • Thorough review of all available inputs

  • Competitive analysis when appropriate

  • Custom-built recap of current & historical trend

  • Recommended actions and solutions

  • 60 minute discussion and review

This program is built to deliver the insights you need to optimize your business operations. We will work closely to define the right inputs, timeline, scope and outcomes to ensure your results are enlightening and impactful to your business. 

*Looking for something more basic? Check out Reporting.

Typical Timeline:

  • 2-3 weeks


  • Starting at $1,200

Perfect for:

Seeing the forest and the leaves. This service reveals the big picture and the details.

Crafting long-range and short-term strategies to keep your business thriving.

Identifying critical strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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