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Root Cause Analysis

Do you have a specific question about your business, or a particular issue you cannot seem to overcome? Root-Cause Analysis will get to the bottom of your stickiest business questions. We will systematically review the facts to identify the source of your problem, resulting in actionable solutions.

This service typically includes:

  • 60 minute problem identification

  • Thorough review of all available inputs

  • Recap of potential causes

  • Outline of possible corrective actions

  • 60 minute review of causes and solutions

  • Test period to implement solutions

  • 60 minute follow-up to assess progress & next steps

Typical Timeline:

  • 2-8 weeks

  • Timeline is highly variable depending on the issue being explored. We will discuss timeline as part of our problem identification call. 


  • Starting at $850

Perfect for:

Uncovering why one part of your business is working while another part is not. 

Fine-tuning process for more effective day-to-day operations. 

Removing recurring headaches or obstacles creating drag in your business. 

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